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Each month you'll receive a customized box of products and services appropriate for your professional goals, tailored to ensure you can achieve measurable results in twenty minutes or less.

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Supercharge Your Smart Business

Join us in the Skyline Room on the 4th Floor to Supercharge Your Smart Business as part of Philly Tech Week to learn what you need to know to take your business to the next level. It doesn't matter if your business is just an idea or if you're on your way to IPO, Amy Larrimore will help you unravel what's really holding you back, where you need to focus, how to delegate the pesky things and teach you simple tricks to know what's working or when to make a change. You'll walk out of this session with an actionable, customized, money making plan that you'll be excited to implement.

April 22, 2015 at 6:30pm
Free Library of Philadelphia - Central Library
1901 Vine St
Philadelphia, PA 19106
United States
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The Game of Business

Consider, that leading a business is like playing a game. You might lead a family business, you might lead a sales team, you might be the owner/operator, key principal or the good old company man that is the bedrock of the business supporting the owner for the last 20 years, but you're actually a player in the complex game of business.

It is a complicated game with a gameboard you cannot see. You were never formally trained on how to play. We teach our children trigonometry in school instead of negotiation, contract fulfillment and financial forecasting. The stakes are high and it is really really hard. There are space invaders looking to sink your battleship. 90% of game players run out of lives without reaching the end. Most of you play it alone, even if you have a business partner and supportive friends and family.


But the game is also designed to be rewarding. We find Easter Eggs and extra lives along the way. We are dealt trump cards that help us become very successful. We travel the gameboard path with “friendlies” who share game secrets and help us unlock secret paths.

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